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Emergency sewer works

Work will start on the A935 in Brechin on July 25 for up to five days.

Project Overview

A section of the A935 road on the east side of Brechin will be closed for up to five days from Monday, July 25, to allow emergency repair work to the sewer network to be carried out. 

What are we doing? 

The work, to repair a damaged sewer pipe and reinstate the road surface, will be carried out near the centre of the junction between the A935, Montrose Street, and Drumachlie Loan. 
Due to the central location of the pipe in the road, it is not possible for the work to be carried out safely while keeping the road open. A diversion will be in place via the A933 and the A934, adding around 5 miles to the normal journey between Brechin and Montrose, with advance warning signage already in place to alert road users. 

Why are we doing it?

This essential work needs to be carried out as soon as possible to ensure the road remains safe for use by traffic, as well as repairing the sewer so that it can continue to serve residents and protect the local environment. 
Unfortunately there is no safe way to complete this essential repair while allowing traffic on the A935 to pass. The diversion route highlighted is the only one available that is suitable for all A935 traffic. Pedestrian access past the working area will be maintained at all times. 
We recognise the impact this closure will have on the town and would like to apologise to road users, residents and businesses for the inconvenience this work will cause. Our team on site will make every effort to complete the repairs and reinstatement of the road as quickly and safely as possible.
The emergency repair will be carried out by contractor Clancy on Scottish Water’s behalf.