Project Overview

A major investment project to improve Annan’s waste water network and help reduce sewer flooding at times of heavy rainfall.

Work started in June 2021 and is expected to be complete by May 2022.

aerial shot of construction site
construction site
aerial shot of construction site
aerial shot of construction site

Investing In Annan

Progress Photos of construction of the storm tank in Newington Park

What we are doing

  • The project involves the installation of an underground storm water tank in Newington Park (near Rose St and Charles St) and upgrading sections of the sewer network. When complete the tank structure will be below ground, however, there will be two green control kiosks for the new tank near to where the existing playpark is located. The kiosks house controls to help operate the pumps for the tanks and will be there on a permanent basis. There will also be a security fence around the kiosks.
  • A temporary access road is needed to enable construction.
  • Construction vehicles will access Newington Park from Standalane. Most of the park - including the children's play area - will be closed while the upgrade is carried out. The walkways at the edge of the park and football pitch will remain open.
  • We will upgrade the equipment in the children's play area in the park ahead of it reopening in a different area of the park once the work is complete.
  • The first phase of the project require some preparation works to remove some trees in the park near the back lane into the park (Rose Street).
  • The project will take around 12 months to complete.

Why We Are Doing It

This major investment project will help address internal sewer flooding issues in the local area. Storm flows from the sewers in town, which are overloaded will be redirected to the new underground tank. The tank will retain the water until storms subside when the water is then pumped back into the sewers.

Update: February 2022

Work started on the 21st February on the up-sizing the existing sewer pipe and weir a chamber on Rose Street/Newington Avenue. This work is expected to take around 3 weeks. During this time a section of the road will be closed and access to some residents driveways will be affected though we will endeavour to minimize this as much as possible.

Once this section has been completed we will start work on Drummond Road & Rose Street for 5 weeks.


Further information

Documentation on the Annan project

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