Project Overview

An investment project is currently under way in Craigneuk, North Lanarkshire, to help reduce the risk of sewer flooding by increasing the capacity of the local combined sewer network. 

The improvement work is valued at over £11.5 million and is the latest measure to help reduce flood risk in this area. The work being done here will benefit a number of residents who have been affected by sewer flooding in previous years.

Scottish Water's alliance partner, amey-binnies, is delivering the project which is expected to take around eighteen months for completion.

Flooding Project

The work being done here in Craigneuk will help reduce the risk of flooding at times of heavy rainfall.

Why We Are Doing This

A number of residents in the area have previously been affected by sewer flooding. 

The work being done here will increase the capacity of the local waste water network and will provide extra storage during heavy rainfall.

This improvement project will help reduce the risk of flooding in the area. 


What We Are Doing 

Work began on Thursday 5th November 2020. 

It involves the installation of an underground storm tank within Craigneuk Park (please see map below). At around 25 metres diameter by 19 metres deep, the tank will help provide extra storage capacity during heavy rainfall.

We will also be installing new and refurbishing manholes, increased capacity sewer pipes in Craigneuk Avenue & Hawthorn Drive; Willow Drive & Poplar Street; Craigneuk Park, Craigneuk Park & Airdrie Football Stadium.  

Inevitably, there will be some local traffic disruption and parking restrictions while this work is being delivered but the long-term benefits far outweigh any short-term disruption. We’d like to reassure the local community that we have done and will continue to do all we can to help minimise any disruption where possible. 
Work is expected to be completed by April 2022.
Scope of works

View of Work Site 

This photograph demonstrates the scale of the work that's going on here. 

Update - March/April

We're moving to the next phase of work and will be installing new sewer pipes at the following locations and dates:

Willow Drive - work begins on Monday 12 April, road closure for approximately 10 weeks

Hawthorne Drive - work is anticipated to begin on Monday 21 June, road closure for around 7 weeks

Craigneuk Avenue - work is expected to begin on Monday 9 August, road closure for approximately 12 weeks 

Please note: access will be maintained for local residents throughout.

Update - February

Initially we will be working within the park area installing the storm tank together with associated pipework connections.

Craigneuk map