Due to persistent pressure problems affecting parts of the town in recent years, we are delivering a project to upgrade a section of the existing water main and install a new water main to serve the Barony Campus.

From Monday 1st July 2024 for approximately 8 weeks, we will be excavating and installing a new water main on Underwood Road and Auchinleck Road.

These will require a combination of temporary traffic lights and a lane closure to allow our contractor to work safely, but we will do all that we can to mitigate any disruption, particularly for people using the campus. 

From 1st July 2024, a ‘priority over oncoming vehicles’ rolling system will be in place on Underwood Road.

From 15th July 2024, traffic management will be in place along Auchinleck Road near Barony Campus. This will be a rolling programme which includes temporary traffic lights and lane restrictions to minimise disruption.

Customers water supplies should not be affected by this work. We have plans in place to minimise disruption to the services.

Local residents and road users are thanked for their patience and understanding while these essential works are carried out. 

Infographic of road traffic management in place throughout water mains upgrade in Cumnock

Cumnock Water Main Upgrade Traffic Management

Diagram of road traffic management that will be in place during the water main upgrade in Cumnock