Following recent investigations on the sewer network in the area around Fishwishes Causeway, it was identified that investment was needed to address issues. 

Work started on the 4th February to repair damaged sewer pipes along Fishwives Causeway in Portobello. It is expected to take around 4 months to complete. 

In order to carry out this work, the eastbound carriageway of Fishwives Causeway will be closed, with three-way traffic lights in operation on Fishwives Causeway and Walford Drive.

To facilitate this traffic management system a short section of the footpath at the junction of Fishwives Causeway and  Walford Drive is temporarily be barriered off, and incorporated into the carriageway.

In addition to this the traffic calming measure in place on Fishwives Causeway just east of Walford Drive will temporarily be removed.

This work is being carried out on our behalf by our delivery partners George Leslie.