Project Overview

We are installing a new pumping station and sewer rising main to connect the existing public sewer in Foveran with the pipeline which takes waste water from Newburgh to Balmedie Waste Water Treatment Works.

The work will enable the existing small public septic tank in Foveran to be taken out of use and will provide capacity for new connections in the village.

At a Glance

  • Providing capacity for new connections
  • Investment of around £2.7m
  • Over 2.5km of new sewer
  • Forecast completion in Spring 2022

Work site at Foveran

Investing in Foveran 

The work to install a new sewer and pumping station in Foveran will provide capacity for new connections.

What We are Doing

Work is in progress on site to install a new pumping station which is located between the bottom of Blairythan Terrace and the A90.

Over 2.8km of rising main is being installed to connect the pumping station with an existing rising main between Newburgh and Balmedie Waste Water Treatment Works. Around 250 metres of new gravity sewer is also being installed in Blairythan Terrace.

The work is being carried out by our delivery alliance partner, amey-binnies, and their contractor Morrison Construction.  The project as a whole is due for completion in Spring 2022. 

Why We are Doing This

We are carrying out this work in order to replace the small public septic tank which serves part of Blairythan Terrace and to provide capacity for new connections in the village, including for two residential developments. The work will ensure the community has the long term infrastructure it needs to accommodate this growth and protect the local environment. 

Latest update

A road closure and signposted diversion is currently in place at the bottom of Blairythan Terrace to enable the installation of the sewer to be carried out safely. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes. The site team will do all they can to minimise disruption for residents.

The road closure is scheduled to be complete by early October.

Connecting to the public sewer

The project we are delivering will provide significant capacity for new connections to the public sewer network in Foveran. Scottish Water is only directly responsible for connecting the properties in Foveran which are served by the existing public sewer network. 

Where developers are required as a condition of their planning consent to connect foul drainage to the public sewerage system, our current investment provides the capacity required for them to do this. Developers will be responsible for designing and installing the infrastructure that is needed to connect foul drains within their sites to the nearest suitable point of connection on the renewed public sewer network in the village.

So long as it is installed to the required standard, they can transfer this infrastructure into Scottish Water’s ownership upon completion via a process called vesting – and they would then receive a defined contribution called a ‘Reasonable Cost Contribution’ towards the cost of its installation.

Residents with private drainage arrangements, such as septic tanks, are not obliged to connect to the public sewer. There will be capacity for them to do so if they wish, but they would need to install infrastructure to connect foul drains from their homes to the nearest suitable point of connection on the public sewer network.

Further information and advice on this is available from Scottish Water’s connections team.