Murano Place

Sewer repair works on Murano Place, Edinburgh.

We are working in Murano Place, Edinburgh to repair a damaged sewer. We initially investigated a sewer blockage and depression in the road in January this year. Investigations revealed that investment to improve our waste water network was essential to ensure we continue to deliver resilient waste water services for our customers in the street.

Our delivery partner, Mackenzie construction Ltd were engaged and temporary over pumping was installed to bypass the section of sewer below the depression on the carriageway.

  • Murano Place will be closed to vehicles, however pedestrian access will be maintained. Please follow all signs put in place.
  • Bin collections will continue as normal with the support of site workers.
  • We have now managed to re-open Albert Street to traffic.


We carried out a sewer inspection with cameras and found that the sewer which ranges from 3.5m to 5.4m deep had collapsed in at least 4 places, over a length of 100m length on Murano Place.  In addition to this, in order to reduce the risk of flooding to properties, we undertook cleaning of all the sewers and private drainage in the street as the pipes were found be choked with sewage debris. 


During March we then carried out trial holes in the street to pinpoint the services (water, gas, electric, etc) but also discovered additional sink holes and voids under the carriageway at least 2.5m in depth. To protect the services in the void areas we have removed the carriageway surface to prevent collapse and subsequent damage.


In April we began excavations to repair the sewer at the dead-end part of the street, when we exposed the sewer at 3.5m depth, ground water became evident, and we then confirmed the ground to be running sand.  

We then had to stop digging any deeper as had we continued it could have destabilised the shoring of the excavation.


A Geotechnical Engineering Consultant has been engaged and they have requested that a series of additional boreholes and some other testing to be undertaken, these investigations are scheduled to be undertaken week beginning the 23rd May and will take around three weeks to be completed.

We regret to inform you that there is little work on site that can be undertaken until the investigations are completed, the results of the testing are understood, and consultation then done to determine the best and safest course of action to complete repairs.

We have engaged with the relevant bodies to get a connection onto the electricity network, to enable us to switch over to a main’s connected generator so we can continue with temporary over pumping to provide waste water services to our customers. This will be quieter than the generator which is onsite.

Once we have a detailed programme, we will be able to share our proposals with you and the wider community.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the patience and understanding of all the residents in the area. We are sorry that our work is disrupting your usual access and parking arrangements and we will continue to try and minimise any impacts we can whilst we carry out this essential work.