Project Overview

We have invested £1.8m to upgrade the existing Water Treatment Works serving Stornoway.

Why are We Doing This

The purpose of these upgrade works is to provide an improved water supply for our customers across Stornoway. As part of this investment, we are introducing a different water treatment process called chloramination, which is used to treat the tap water of over 1 million people in Scotland and has been widely used for many years throughout the UK.

As part of our long-term investment programme to improve water quality for customers, Scottish Water is gradually increasing the number of areas in Scotland being supplied with chloraminated water. Customers across the whole of Stornoway will now receive chloraminated water. 


£1.8m investment

The upgrade will provide an improved water supply for our customers served by Stornoway Water Treatment Works


Chloramination has been used in the water industry throughout the UK for many years as a reliable and effective way to disinfect water to ensure it is safe to drink.

The chloramination process lasts longer in the pipe distribution system than using chlorine on its own, so there is no need to add further chlorine along the network of pipes - this means levels of chlorine in the water are reduced. Unlike chlorine, chloramination also has the benefit of having no significant taste or odour. Chloraminated water is safe for bathing, drinking, cooking and all uses we have for water every day.

Customers in Stornoway received notification by postcard informing them of the upcoming changes to their water. 

Owners of fish, aquatic reptiles and amphibians

Owners of fish, aquatic reptiles and amphibians will need to ensure their tank is fitted with the correct type of filtration equipment. Your local veterinary surgery or specialist online aquatic pet supplier can provide further advice about equipment suited to your pet.