We are aware of fire hydrants being set off in this area. This may results in lack of supply and and low pressure locally. 

Fire hydrant vandalism is completely reckless and selfish and communities can help us put a stop to this behaviour. Report any incidents to the police immediately.

Fire hydrant vandalism incidents tend to spike during warm, dry weather. These actions cause disruption of water supply to customers, reduced water pressure/discoloured water and localised flooding in streets.

There are considerable risks to safety when setting off fire hydrants. Those who tamper with fire hydrants also risk serious injury to themselves or others due to the potential sudden release of high water pressure. Homes and businesses can suffer low water pressure or no water at all as a result. Firefighters rely on these hydrants for fighting fires and a shortage of water could endanger people’s lives and property.

It is absolutely essential that firefighters have access to water sources at times of emergency and having an operational hydrant close-by enables us to launch a quick attack on a fire and help protect lives as well as property.

Fire hydrants can be accessed legally only by Scottish Water, Scottish Fire and Rescue and anyone who has been given permission from Scottish Water. Vandalising or setting off a fire hydrant could lead to a fine of up to £5000.

Scottish Water urge people not to set off fire hydrants and ask anyone who witnesses this type of vandalism to report it to police without delay. Police Scotland will take appropriate action against anyone found misusing or vandalising fire hydrants. 

Call 101 to report any misuse of fire hydrants. Information can also be reported anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or give the information anonymously on www.fearless.org, which is part of Crimestoppers.‎