Water restoring 

18 June 2022, 7pm



Scottish Water engineers have completed the repair of a 15 inch trunk water main on the south side of Irvine and the town’s water network has returned to normal operation.


Supplies had earlier been restored to all affected customers by re-routing water through unaffected parts of the network while a challenging repair was in progress.


A spokesperson for Scottish Water said:


“We would like to thank customers for their patience and support while our team was working – both last night and over the course of today - to restore supplies and complete this challenging repair as quickly as possible.


“Following completion of the repair, the large water main which burst last night has been successfully returned to normal operation. The temporary measures which we had used to restore supply in advance of the full repair are no longer in place. Customers who have experienced lower than normal water pressure today as a result of these measures should see their supply gradually return to normal.”


Some customers may still experience intermittent pressure or discolouration in their water supply following disturbance to the water network caused by the burst. If this happens, customers are advised to run their cold kitchen tap at half pressure until the water runs clear. If problems continue or any customers remain without supply, they are asked to contact Scottish Water on 0800 077 8778 so this can be investigated.


Scottish Water maintains a Priority Service Register for customers who may need extra support if their water supply is interrupted, for example due to a medical condition or disability. Further information and links to sign up for the register can be found at the Priority Services Register in Scotland webpage.

Discoloured Water

To learn more about discoloured water read our factsheet. 

View factsheet

Discoloured water

When we are doing maintenance or repairs to the water network, you may experience cloudy or discoloured water. This video explains what to do if you are affected.

Discoloured Water FAQs

If you notice any unusual taste and odour, please contact us so we can carry out the necessary investigations to resolve this for you as soon as possible. For more information please see our factsheet: Colour, taste and odour explained.

If the water from your cold kitchen tap (or any other mains fed tap) suddenly becomes discoloured, this could be because some maintenance or repair work is being carried out on our network in your area. If we have not informed you of any work being carried out, please contact us for more details. If we are not working in your area, we will investigate the cause of discolouration for you and let you know. For more information please see our factsheet: Colour, taste and odour explained.

In most cases discoloured water is not harmful and can be cleared by running the first incoming cold water tap (usually in the kitchen) at a trickle until it clears. Very occasionally customers have noticed "tiny particles" or "bits" in their tap water. This can be caused by planned or unplanned work to the water supply network which causes natural sediment in the pipes to shift (quite often this is a dark red, brown colour).

Small dark grey or black particles can occasionally be caused if your pipework is made from lead. This is most likely if your house was built before 1970. For more information see our Lead and Your Water pages.