Disruption to Water Supplies in the Burnside Avenue, Mid Road and Strathmore Street areas of Kinghorn

Please be aware that we are planning to undertake essential repairs to valves on our water network supplying approximately 150 properties in your area.

We would like to apologise in advance for this disruption to your supply. This essential repair will take place on Wednesday 2nd June and we will restore your water as quickly as possible.

In order to carry out the repairs we will shut off your supply between the hours of 09:00hrs and 15:00hrs. We would suggest that you make provisions by storing water in containers before the work is underway.

Discoloured water is quite common after there has been a change to the normal operations of the network and this is due to the disturbance of fine sediments. We appreciate that this doesn't always look nice and can be concerning for customers.

If you do experience discolouration of your water supply, we advise letting your kitchen cold water tap run at half pressure until your water runs clear again.

We understand the importance of providing a water supply to our customers and again we apologise in advance should you experience any disruption. Thank you for your patience and co-operation.

If you need to contact Scottish Water, call us on 0800 0778 778 or view our leaflet "Unplanned interruption to your water supply".

Interruption to supply

When we are doing maintenance or repairs to the water network, you may experience cloudy or discoloured water. This video explains what to do if you are affected.