Investigating reports of loss of supplies

Unplanned Interruption to Supply

We understand how frustrating an interruption to your water supply can be. Read our dedicated factsheet for what to expect.

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Interruption to supply

When we are doing maintenance or repairs to the water network, you may experience cloudy or discoloured water. This video explains what to do if you are affected.

Burst Water Main FAQs

We are very sorry you have experienced an unplanned interruption to your water supply. In this event it is always our priority to restore the supply as soon as possible, regardless of the scale of the disruption. An unplanned interruption to your water supply is normally caused by a water mains pipe bursting on our network. We proactively manage our vast network of pipes, however unforeseen bursts do sometimes occur.
A water mains pipe burst can vary in size or complexity and other factors, such as traffic management or the location of the burst can affect the time to repair the pipe. The location and elevation of your property on our water network can also influence how soon the water will be restored to your property - for example the burst pipe may be repaired, but water has to recharge throughout the network. This means that properties at a higher elevation and/or further distance from the burst may take longer to receive full restoration of supply and pressure.
We update information on our website and social media channels on both Twitter and Facebook.
For households with combination boiler systems (normally operated without the need for a hot water storage unit) the central heating system should continue to operate as normal. However a hot water system, which is normally fed directly from the mains water supply, will not operate until the water supply is restored.
We usually restore water supplies within a reasonable time. However, if we are unable to do so, we will provide alternative water supplies. 
Scottish Water has a confidential service for Priority Services Customers that customers with additional needs can sign up to free of charge. Customers who require additional assistance may include the elderly, young children or those with a disability or medical condition that requires a constant supply of water. For more information about Priority Services Customers, please visit or call our Customer Helpline free on 0800 0778 778.