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Glasgow city centre water mains upgrade video

Video Transcript

Glasgow is one of Britain’s most vibrant cities – Scotland’s biggest and the third largest in the UK.

The city centre is the beating heart of Glasgow – the second biggest shopping venue in Britain and home to most of the city’s main cultural venues.

Hidden beneath the city centre streets lies a network of many miles of water mains and pipes which are essential to everyday life in Glasgow.

They ensure Scottish Water is able to provide clear, fresh drinking water to properties across the city centre 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But many of the pipes were installed a long time ago and their average age is about 70 years.

Some of them are older still and date back to the Victorian era when what was then a state-of-the-art civil engineering project provided Glasgow with its first modern drinking water supply – helping the city to flourish and grow during the industrial revolution.

Today, Scottish Water is always serving Scotland and we’re delivering one of the largest investment programmes in the UK water industry during 2010-15.

Improving our infrastructure in the Glasgow area – building on previous investment such as the Milngavie Water Treatment Works - is a key part of our plans.

And one of our most important projects is an upgrade of about five miles of ageing pipes beneath some of the city centre streets.

Some sections of these pipes have suffered from bursts in recent years.

Such bursts have caused disruption to normal water supplies. They don’t just cause inconvenience to customers and properties in the affected area. They can also lead to disruption to road users and pedestrians as Scottish Water works to fix the burst and repair any damage to the road.

Our improvements on the network of pipes will reduce the risk of bursts and the disruption and inconvenience they can cause.

The work has been targeted on stretches of pipes which have been affected by bursts. At these locations, old pipes – often made of cast-iron - will be replaced by new ones made of tough plastic, which are less likely to burst.

The improvements follow detailed investigative work by engineers when we assessed the state of the mains and ground conditions.

Scottish Water has planned this work carefully. We’ve liaised with Glasgow City Council and will continue do so as the project progresses.

We’ve also engaged with other key organisations and stakeholders and we’ll continue to communicate with them too.

Scottish Water and its contractors will work as efficiently as we can from the start of this project until the very last piece of reinstatement work is finished.
Our improvements will inevitably result in some short-term disruption in parts of the city centre, such as short lane closures on some of the streets where we’re working.

We apologise for this and will make every effort to minimise any inconvenience.

But any disruption will be far out-weighed by the long-term benefits of the improvements.

The upgrade is great news for Glasgow. It underlines Scottish Water’s commitment to the city and its people.

We’re doing all we can to support the regeneration of Glasgow by improving our infrastructure and helping the city it as it prepares for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and other major events.

Just as the city flourished and grew in the industrial revolution, Scottish Water’s investment now will help Glasgow to continue to flourish and grow in the 21st century.

A journey through the improvements we are making to Glasgow City Centre water mains