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Isle of Seil


Scottish Water's objective is to create a positive impact on our customers and communities through our activities and investment programme. On the Isle of Seil we want to deliver a long term, sustainable Waste Water Treatment System for present and future generations.

To help us achieve this we have set up a community stakeholder group chaired by Michael Russell, the constituency MSP for the area. This group will ensure we are listening to the community whilst providing information about various options being investigated.

The group also includes Chris Chubb, an independent expert who is there to guide thinking and provide additional reassurance.

Proposals for the Waste Water Treatment on Seil

We held an information event on the 6th December 2017 at the Seil Island hall.The event was well attended with approx. 50 people in attendance. At the event we discussed our progress with studies and investigations and presented our preferred site location and associated access track which we will be taking forward to planning. 

As there had been significant change to the proposed access track we felt it was right to meet with the community to present the proposal and allow discussion before we progressed to the next phase. 

The main aspects of feedback received from those who attended in December centred on 3 main areas:-

    1. People who are supportive of the location and proposals

    2. People who were pleased that an alternative access track had been established following previous feedback about concerns.

    3. People who are completely against the site location due to its unspoiled nature location  

There was always an understanding from the outset that it would be very difficult to find a solution that would meet the unanimous approval of the community and this has proved to be the case. When the planning application goes live all individuals will have the right to make representations to the planning authority via this statutory process.  

Update 05/04/18 - Planning Applications

Seaview Terrace planning applications
We will be submitting the planning application for the Seaview Terrace Septic Tank within the next week. The full details will be available on Argyll and Bute's webpage - There will be a subsequent planning application submitted for the temporary site compound required for the duration of the septic tank installation.

Proposed new treatment works planning application

Extensive work is currently underway to enable us to fully inform the construction and design process. This includes survey work to confirm the ecological sensitivity of the site together with the associated ground investigation work. This important work is required to support our planning application.

At this stage, we are working towards being in a position to submit information including environmental aspects from our survey work to Argyll and Bute Council, as planning authority, sometime in May. As part of this process we will be seeking the Council's views on our proposals and asking for their feedback. 

In addition, we propose to also hold a further engagement event, most likely in the summer where we will present the planning documents for the preferred option. 
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Information Event Posters

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A PDF of the posters that were used at the recent information event.
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Community Engagement Group - Meeting notes

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Communities Engagement Group meeting notes from 6th June 2016
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Information Event Postcard

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Customer postcard inviting them to an information Event on 21st June 2016