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What to do if you have a frozen pipe

A guide on what to do if you have a burst or frozen pipe

1. Find the stop valve and turn it off immediately.


2. A pipe freezing is different from a pipe bursting. You should open all cold taps to drain the system, but never turn on the hot taps. Your hot water cylinder may collapse if the pipes leading to it are frozen.

3. Call a registered plumber: if you are in any doubt about what to do.


thawing out your pipes...

1. When thawing out pipes never attempt to thaw out frozen pipes by switching on your immersion heater or central heating boiler.


2.  Instead, check for leaking joints or bursts in the pipes.


3.  Then gently heat any frozen sections with a hairdryer or a heated cloth wrapped around the pipe. Never apply a direct flame.

This video is a guide on what to do if a pipe freezes in your home.