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Saving water in Scotland

 Water Efficiency

Saving Water in Scotland?  Really?

This may sound crazy when we have weather that can often be ‘dreich’ for days.

We're working in partnership with Home Energy Scotland to help people who live and work across Scotland use water wisely and save energy, which in turn will help reduce energy bills and save money.  

We can all play our part to be water smart

We use water every day without really thinking about it. This water is taken from local rivers, lochs, reservoirs and boreholes before being treated to supply homes and business premises.


With our climate, you might think there is plenty of water to go around but the truth is less than 1% ends up somewhere Scottish Water has access to. With more people using water every day and the risk of prolonged dry spells increasing water levels can drop quickly, so it makes sense to use water wisely to help protect future water supplies, keeping more water in the natural environment. By using water wisely you can help avoid water going to waste.


Each person in Scotland uses about 150 litres of water every day, so if each household made small changes to reduce their water use by 5%, this could save millions of litres of water per year.


By making small changes to your everyday behaviour you can start to save water, energy and money now. So why not:

  1. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and shaving
  2. Take a short shower
  3. Fill up your washing machine and wash at 30 degrees
  4. Use a watering can to water your garden and plants instead of a hose

We continue to invest in water and waste water services in your area and across all of Scotland to ensure we can manage the water resources, whatever the weather!


Click here for tips on how to use water wisely in and around your home.

Free water efficiency pack

We want to help you use water wisely and have put together a FREE water saving pack for people who live in Scotland,that has a few gadgets which can help you do just that. The gadgets can be used in the 3 main areas of your home which use the most water, and each of these will help you be water wise, save energy and keep your energy bills down. You can request your free pack by email. The packs are made available subject to availabilty. 

To give us feedback on the Water Efficiency Pack, visit this page.