Carron Valley Reservoir

Carron Valley Reservoir

It's important to be aware of the dangers of entering the water

Located in Stirlingshire, Carron Valley is a popular place for outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking and the reservoir offers one of the most scenic trout fisheries in Scotland. 

A drinking water source, the water held within the reservoir supplies approximately 135,000 customers and many key business customers within the Forth Valley and surrounding areas.

At Scottish Water, we work hard to provide clean, fresh drinking water to our customers. To help us do this, in March 2020, we installed new piece of infrastructure known as an air curtain at Carron Valley’s eastern dam.

This benefits water quality by releasing pressurised air into the water dispersing potential impurities like manganese and algae. 

Take Care Be Aware

Read our 'Take Care Be Aware' leaflet if you are planning a visit to any of our reservoirs, rivers or lochs.

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While this helps improve water quality, the pressurised air creates negative buoyancy in the water in and around the air curtain. As a result, the risk of drowning is significant as the lack of buoyance means anyone entering the water will struggle to stay above the water line.

At this point of the reservoir there is also infrastructure below the water line which is not visible and could cause injury. Signage and buoys are in place at the reservoir to make visitors aware of these risks.  

We encourage anyone visiting any of our reservoirs to read and adhere to the safety guidance and be aware of the risks, especially those that are not immediately obvious. 

Please contact Carron Valley Fishery to buy permits for bank and boat fishing enquiries.