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Scottish Water Blog

Friday 27/05/2016

Graham – Assistant Strategic Planner
Graham Knowles
Hi, my name is Graham and currently I work as an Assistant Strategic Planner covering the whole of Scotland. I’ve worked within Scottish Water on & off for around 10 years, working in various parts of the business, with the hope of many more years to come.

My daily role involves identifying water networks with a high risk of discolouration and promoting capital interventions to mitigate that risk. This includes improving Water Quality through proactive and reactive cleaning of the network.

A large part of my work involves having discussions with local operators and asset planners to utilise their local knowledge alongside corporate data to inform decision making.

I take a lot of enjoyment from passing on my knowledge and skills from over the years to new members/less experienced members of staff. I always find they have great enthusiasm and it is almost always a pleasure to help see them progress.

I believe you learn something new every day and when I first moved into CSD/SCSP roles, I always found there was somebody who was willing to spend time getting my knowledge and skills up to speed. Therefore I feel it is only fair that I pass this onto others as well.

When I started in my current role I spent some time enhancing my knowledge through reading academic papers on different elements of water quality and network cleaning.

A lot of my understanding has been gained “on the job” so it was good to try to understand better the academic background to things that were always “accepted truths” but maybe not fully understood.

Problem solving in a collaborative environment is probably what I like best. It’s great getting a plan of a water network out on the table and talking through it with guys who have great knowledge and experience.

As much as I enjoy my working week, I spend my free time relaxing, watching/playing football, playing badminton and I’ve even had the pleasure of sailing in many beautiful locations such as Australia.

A good weekend away camping or hillwalking never goes amiss too!

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