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Water Aid Zambia Blog 2015 Day Two

                                                                                        Day 2

After an unexpected overnight stay, due to a flight delay, amongst the wealth and industry of Dubai, we finally boarded our flight to Zambia. The two were a very stark contrast with decorative fountains aplenty, despite the desert conditions, in Dubai compared to the evident difficulties accessing water here in Zambia.

The seven hour flight was a little bumpy, so a few delicate, weary travellers arrived in Lusaka late afternoon. We were greeted by the local WaterAid team who bundled us all into jeeps and drove us the three hours to Monze.
Stories over dinner kept us all entertained, including Rob Mustard’s new talent for spotting water towers en route. His running total currently stands at 14, whereas Lauren insists there were only three!

The landscape here is surprisingly green, despite the heat and lack of rain. The journey to our accommodation continued the bumpy theme and for a few kilometres we were driving through roadside fires and smoke from the brush burning alongside us.
The people of Zambia seem very sociable as the locals all congregated under trees and beside market stalls as we passed, obviously catching up on the day’s news. Young mums with babies strapped to their backs with colourful chitenge fabric, while carrying water, was a common sight.

This country is a hive of activity and we all can’t wait to learn more tomorrow at a local school and water project; part of WaterAid’s five year strategy to give everyone, everywhere safe clean water by 2030.