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Evan Ward

Thursday 9th of March 2017


Hello, I’m Evan Ward, a Repair & Maintenance Modern Apprentice. I have been working with Scottish Water since August 2015.

I applied for my role after seeing the vacancies advertised in my local newspaper.

I work in Orkney with a multi-functional team - this means that currently I alternate my role every week. For example, one week I will be carrying out waste water tasks and then the next week I will being carrying out roles affecting treated water. My waste water tasks include daily checks at pumping stations, any choked drains or sewers we have to clear and responding to customer queries

In the waste water side we often come across inappropriate items that have been flushed down the drain. So far I have already come across - watches, mobile phones, kid’s toy cars, toy balls, banks cards, t shirts, underwear and even an occasional gold fish! We hope that with Scottish Water’s campaign around ‘Keep the water cycle running smoothly’ that this will help minimise the amount of items like this we find blocking the sewers.

On the treated water side, we carry out tasks such as: repair bursts, connect new mains into housing areas, and locate stop-cocks for customers, leak search and any other general maintenance as well.

As my job directly affects our customers, I feel my role can have a big impact on how we are viewed as a company. If there was to be a burst main we would have to find it, fix it and get the water back on as quickly and as safely as possible. Whilst doing this essential work it is important we ensure we communicate with our customers as much as we can in order to keep them informed about when they could be out of water/back in supply.

I have completed several courses since starting that are vital to my role such as – working in confined space, high pressure water jetting, tow behind trailer license, asbestos awareness and first aid.

I would definitely say that you can learn a lot from experienced employees in the company, as they have a vast knowledge of how things work and where things are. They also have ways doing jobs that make it more time efficient and easier after years of doing it and experiencing it.

From my experience, I would say that Scottish Water is a brilliant company to work for. I find that with my role, so long as you are willing to try your best, you will get a lot out of the job in return. I find this to be is very rewarding and I always feel like I am working towards achieving something that matters.