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Ailish Lavelle


Ailish Lavelle

Hi I’m Ailish Lavelle from Giffnock in East Renfrewshire and I’m 20 years old, I’m a waste water treatment apprentice with Scottish Water.


When I left school I headed off to college to study hospitality management and I soon realised it wasn’t for me. I was racking my brains for what to do next then one day I found myself browsing on the Scottish Water website and reading about all of their Modern Apprenticeship opportunities.


I was quite interested in chemistry and I saw that Scottish Water had a range of apprenticeships that included aspects of engineering and science, so I applied for a waste water treatment apprenticeship. I also just generally thought that the opportunities with Scottish Water looked great.


It appealed to me as I would be getting paid while I was learning, and getting qualifications as well. I started with Scottish Water in August 2016 and I work as an apprentice waste water treatment operator.


I am based in one of the larger waste water treatment works. My job involves taking samples throughout the course of the works. I maintain the treatment works and check all the readings daily to make sure all the plant and equipment is working well.


As part of my apprenticeship I am working towards an HNC in water operations management that I will achieve at the end of my fourth year. At the moment, I’m also working on an SVQ in controlling process operations which is all work based learning. A great deal of the training is delivered on the job, under the watchful eye of my more experienced colleagues.


When I achieve my qualifications I am keen to stay at Scottish Water and then I can see what other jobs are available and start working my way up possibly to management level.