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Work Placements

Student Work Experience with Scottish Water

Scottish Water run a schools work placement programme which provides educational and experiential work placements for young people in alignment with Scotland’s new curriculum for excellence. We believe that by offering a range of work experience places we will help to develop the skills and confidence of our young people and assist in supporting a sustainable future for Scotland.

Work placement students in Scottish Water will be asked to carry out tasks much as an employee would, but with the emphasis on learning about the job and the company.   Our strategy is to promote the key skills that Scotland needs to shape our future by encouraging young people on placements with us to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.

We specifically aim to support Curriculum for Excellence as a strategy in Scotland by supporting the development of our young people as:

  1. Successful Learners
  2. Confident Individuals
  3. Responsible Citizens
  4. Effective Contributors

We have over 60 trained coaches at the moment at 11 of our main office locations who may be able to support educational placements. All our coaches have undergone a 2.5 day training programme to help them develop their skills and knowledge in creating learning plans, coaching, listening, giving and receiving feedback and Equality and Diversity. Our coaches are passionate about developing and supporting young people within this programme and are enthusiastic about Scottish Water achieving our Vision - "Trusted to care for the water on which Scotland depends".

If you are interested in a placement with SW have a look over our 
work placement process (PDF) which will guide you through the steps that you should take and have a look at our current list of possible locations to see if a placement might be available near you.

For any further information please email MA&