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Key Facts

The following facts give some idea of the scale and complexity involved in providing clean, safe drinking water and disposing of waste water from homes and businesses across Scotland, 365 days per year.


Scottish Water has around 5 million customers in 2.52 million households.

Water quality

Tests are carried out every day on samples taken from water treatment works, service reservoirs and customer taps.


1.37 billion litres of water is provided every day and 921 million litres of waste water is taken away and treated before being returned to the rivers and seas.

Area and coastline

Scottish Water is the sole provider of water and waste water services to an area of over 30,000 square miles, a third of the area of Britain.  And Scotland has a longer coastline - over 6,800 miles - with a small and relatively dispersed population which requires a large number of small water and waste water treatment works.

Ranking and turnover

Scottish Water is the fourth largest water and waste water services provider in the UK.

Head office and operations

Scottish Water’s head office is in Dunfermline with principal offices in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Stepps and Inverness.  We employ almost 3,400 people across Scotland.