Tendering Tips Video

For hints and tips on our procurement process watch our video

To find out about new opportunities to supply Scottish Water, companies must ensure they register with Public Contracts Scotland and Public Contracts Scotland – Tender.  

Public Contracts Scotland : where opportunities to supply Scottish Water are advertised. Potential suppliers must register with PCS in order to gain access to tender adverts.

Public Contracts Scotland - Tender: an online portal that allows potential suppliers to tender for Scottish Water’s requirements.  Potential suppliers must register with Public Contracts Scotland-Tender in order to bid for requirements

How to Register: Potential suppliers must register with Public Contract Scotland-Tender to gain access to tendering documents and to submit tenders.

Buyer Profile: our organisation details, contract awards, and current and past contract notices can be found in our buyer profile on the Public Contracts Scotland website.

To communicate our requirements into the market, we may use the following methods:

  • Direct entry into the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) - view these on TED: ted.europa.eu
  • The Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB) operated by Achilles Information Limited. Visit http://www.achilles.com for more information