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Improving services

Drinking water quality

In 2014, we tested over 318,000 samples from treatment works, service reservoirs and taps. Of these samples, 99.90% of all tests met the strict regulatory standards. While this is a small reduction from 2013, the level is higher than in every other year. The quality of water at customers’ taps remained at a high of 99.89%. We have been making extensive improvements to our water networks and improving the appearance and taste of drinking water.

Sustainable land management

In 2014/15, we visited catchments that supply 24 water treatment works to assess and report on the condition of the land around watercourses and make suggestions to improve source water quality. Our Sustainable Land Management (SLM) Scheme, launched in 2012, has now provided financial assistance for 98 schemes to improve and protect source
water quality within a catchment. We also responded to 174 consultations and notifications on activities within the vicinity of our drinking water sources.

Leakage management

In 2014/15, reported leakage of water from pipes was reduced by over 20 million litres a day – out-performing our target by 9%. This means that, since 2006, leakage has been reduced by one half. We continue to operate in the economic level of leakage – where the cost of reducing leakage becomes greater than the savings from reduced water production. We have also continued investing in pressure management systems to reduce the chances of burst pipes.

Water efficiency

Our website features an interactive online water use calculator and we have a range of films that provide advice on how to use water wisely in the home. Through our water efficiency trial, monitors have been installed in homes to understand how customer consumption behaviour responds to a range of water efficiency measures. We are running a rainwater harvesting trial in Inveraray which involves monitoring water consumption. We have been working with community groups to support their energy efficiency projects by highlighting the link between water use and energy costs, and have provided shower timers to encourage reduced water consumption.