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General Purchasing Process

1. Introduction

Anyone in Scottish Water who needs to obtain goods, services or works should establish whether the goods are available in Scottish water already or from the contracted supplier/services provider.

If there are no such goods held by Scottish Water, and in the case of services and works contracts, a check should be made as to whether a particular or relevant contract or framework agreement has already been set up by the Procurement Department. If not, competitive bids should be obtained in accordance with the table below. Any contracts or frameworks greater than £50,000 can only be made by the Procurement Department, with the exception of the following:

* Scottish Water Solutions
* SW Associate Delivery Partners (ADPs) for the capital program
* SW Technical Consultancy Frameworks for the capital program

Any decision to waive these procedures must be formally approved by the responsible Director and detailed in writing to the Head of Procurement.

2. Quotation, Tender and £ Thresholds

Value of Purchase & Relevant Procedure

£0 - £50,000      

A minimum of three (3) written quotations must be obtained.
The requesting department can action this process. (Please refer to
the Low Value Procurement Procedure for guidance).

£50,000 - £250,000     

A formal tendering process will be implemented.
The requestor must contact the Procurement Team who will then
initiate the process. The requirement will need to be advertised to ensure adequate publicity.  Advice on publication will be provided by the Procurement Team.

£250,000 +     

As a principle it is recommended that any requirement (based on total aggregated value) above £250k be advertised in the OJEU for Goods and Services.  For Works related contractual agreements the recommended threshold is £3million and it is the total value of the Works project including the value of any associated supply of goods and services that must be considered.  A formal tendering process in accordance with EU and Scottish Government Regulations will be implemented.  The requestor must contact the Procurement Team who will then initiate the process.

3. Award of Contracts - OPEX Only

 Level  Contract Type (Total Value)
 1 Up to the relevant General Manager DLA   1. Relevant General Manager
 2  Between GM DLA limit and £500,000 (as applicable) 1. Procurement Specialist
2. Category Manager
3. Head of Procurement
4. Customer Lead
5. General Manager
 3  Greater than £500,000 but less than £5,000,000
1. As above plus
2. Commercial Director
 4 Greater than £5,000,000

Any potentially “Novel or contentious arrangement”
1. Scottish Water Board