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Save Water in the Kitchen

Video Transcript

Water is essential to lots of the things we do every day when we are at home, and your kitchen is one of the main water-using rooms in your home.

Scotland’s tap water quality is the best it has ever been, but the more water we use, the more energy is needed.

The average person in Scotland uses around 150 litres of water every day. There are lots of simple but effective things that we can all do in and around our home to use water wisely. This will not only help save water, it will help you save energy, which can then help you save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Even making a cup of tea or coffee has an opportunity to save water and energy. Don’t fill the kettle to the top when you only want a cup – boiling just the water for the number of cups you’re making will help you save water, energy and time because your kettle will boil quicker.

And don’t use a running tap to wash your hands, dishes or vegetables – put the plug in or use a basin instead.

Wait until you have enough dishes or clothes for a full load before you use your dishwasher or washing machine. If you must do smaller washes use the half load cycle, and if clothes or dishes aren’t too dirty, use a quick wash setting. If you are looking to replace any of your appliances you could consider one with an eco-setting.

Think ahead and defrost food in the fridge or at room temperature – rather than under a hot running tap – which will help save water and energy.

Finally, use a jug or sports water bottle to chill your tap water in the fridge instead of running the tap.

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How to save water when you're cooking in the kitchen or making a quick cup of tea