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World Water Day 2014

Every Drop is Vital

Scottish Water supports WaterAid Scotland in calling for a world where everyone, everywhere has clean drinking water.

In the UK, it’s easy to take drinking water for granted, yet 768 million people around the world still have no safe water to drink.

We’re raising money for WaterAid Scotland projects in Zambia.  The money we raise through employee fundraising and donations via our Virgin Money Giving page will help WaterAid Scotland provide communities with safe water and sanitation.

With WaterAid Scotland we believe that everyone, everywhere can enjoy safe water and sanitation by 2030 - help us make it happen. 

How do we know it can be done?

We've supported WaterAid Scotland for over 10 years. We’ve helped them work in the most remote and difficult places on earth. Their approach is to combine practical work with policy work to make change spread fast. In their projects, communities are involved from day one, working with their local partners to design and build the most suitable water and sanitation facilities for them. They then work with governments to roll out the approach and make sure these solutions last.

WaterAid is the only global charity focused exclusively on water and sanitation as it is key to eradicating extreme poverty. From their 30 years’ experience, communities with water and toilets are healthier, better educated and more productive. 

The international community is poised to put water and sanitation at the heart of new goals to end extreme poverty. WaterAid will be working with governments, the UN and other international institutions to make sure we see this through - we're proud to be a part of that, and you can play a part too.

Donate to WaterAid Scotland for World Water Day here.

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