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Meet the team

Zoe - Technical Lead


Meet Zoe, who is our Technical Lead for Catchment Management and manages the SLM Team. 
Zoë has a PhD in soils and precision agriculture and comes from quite a varied background. She spent over 9 years undertaking research before moving to a more policy based role with the Environment Agency Wales, where she worked as their advisor for soils and forestry.
Zoe has worked in Scottish Water in her current role for almost 4 years “My role in Scottish Water enables me to put both my research and knowledge of policy and regulation into practice. Protecting and improving source water quality is an important task and I have enjoyed helping the team work towards achieving this. The work of the team not only benefits Scottish Water but also the environment and the general public ”                                       


Amanda - Regulatory Advisor

Meet Amanda, who is a Regulatory Advisor for the SLM team. Amanda is mainly involved with reviewing and commenting on planning applications for activities located within catchments that we abstract water from for public water supply. Various activities can take place, such as wind farms, hydro schemes, forestry. We are keen to engage early and be involved all the way through the planning process, when activities are taking place and after, to help protect drinking water sources and the environment in general.

Amanda has a degree in Environmental Management and has previously worked in industry, consultancy and regulation. These previous roles have given her a broad understanding of different perspectives which help with the consultation review work she undertakes.

Jared - Catchment Liaison Officer Team Leader



Meet Jared, who is the Catchment Liaison Officer Team Leader within the SLM Team. Growing up on a livestock farm in Perthshire, Jared went on to gain qualifications in agriculture and forestry. He has also worked for a range of land based organisations including SNH, SGRPID and FCS, meaning he has acquired invaluable experience in a range of land uses.

“Working for the SLM team provides me with an ideal platform to practice my knowledge and experience in a challenging but rewarding environment. The best bit is I get to work alongside dedicated professionals who all share the same goal of delivering sustainable land management practices within our catchments.”



 Amy - Catchment Liaison Officer

AmyMeet Amy, who is a Catchment Liaison Officer in the SLM Team. With her environmental degree, tackling diffuse pollution in drinking water catchments was the natural role for Amy. 

“Every day is never the same and this is what I like most about working in the Sustainable Land Management team. We face new challenges on a regular basis, which as a team we can solve with sustainable solutions. I also love the travel element. This allows me to visit places that I have never been before and meet new people”

David - Catchment Liaison Officer


DavidMeet David, who is a Catchment Liaison Officer in the SLM Team and has worked in the team for over 5 years. 

“The role in Sustainable Land Management was a new challenge which suited my experience in agriculture coming from a farming family. I had the opportunity to work in secondment with SEPA which also enhanced my knowledge of the wider impact which land management can have on drinking water quality. I especially like the great outdoors and this job offers you the chance to see parts of Scotland you would not normally be in.”



Mick - Catchment Liaison Officer                                                              

Meet Mick, one of our Catchment Liaison Officers. Mick has been working with Scottish Water for an amazing 38 years! For the majority of that time he worked on the networks side of the company before being seconded to SEPA for 2 years for training prior to moving to the SLM team.

When asked what he likes about working with the team he said, “The team are a great bunch of people to work with and I love the outdoor work. I get to visit some beautiful parts of Scotland, including Orkney, which I have always wanted to visit. Joining the team has also meant I’ve been able to learn about sustainable land management.”


Richard - Catchment Liaison Officer

Meet Richard, w
ho is a Catchment Liaison Officer in the SLM team. He has over 28 years’ experience in the water industry and brings a wealth of practical knowledge to our team.

“I have worked in customer facing roles for the majority of my career and particularly enjoy working together with farmers and landowners to help improve the water quality in our drinking water catchments. I also enjoy learning more about the environmental challenges that face Scottish Water.”