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How the water industry is run in Scotland

How the water industry is run in Scotland

The Scottish Parliament

Holds Scottish Water and Ministers to account and regularly calls executives to its committees to give progress updates.

Scottish Ministers

Set the objectives for Scottish Water and appoint the Chair and Non-executive Members.

Scottish Water

Responsible for providing water and waste water services to household customers and wholesale Licensed Providers. Delivers the investment priorities of Ministers within the funding allowed by the Water Industry Commission for Scotland.

Water Industry Commission for Scotland

Economic regulator. Sets charges and reports on costs and performance.

Drinking Water Quality Regulator

Responsible for protecting public health by ensuring compliance with drinking water quality regulations.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

Responsible for environmental protection and improvement.

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

Responsible for investigating complaints about public services in Scotland, including Scottish Water, once the services’ complaints procedure has been completed and sharing lessons from complaints to improve the delivery of public services.

Consumer Futures Unit

Responsible for representing the views and interests of Scottish Water customers and is a statutory consultee for matters relating to the Scottish water industry.