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Looking ahead

We are determined to build on our transformation of service levels and efficiency. We will demonstrate that we are trusted to care for the water on which Scotland depends. Our business plan for 2015-21 is geared towards ensuring the ongoing improvement of our services.

It delivers the first steps of our strategy for future water and waste water services, while preparing for the key challenges and opportunities facing Scotland’s water industry, such as climate change.

Our plan has been informed by extensive research with our customers – ensuring we have the strategies in place to continue providing fresh and clear drinking water, enhance the environment and support the economy of Scotland through our new £3.5 billion investment programme.

A major aspect of our Business Plan is to increase the resilience of the services we provide so that all customers enjoy
a consistently high standard of continuous, high-quality services. This will address customers’ highest priorities for service improvement such as minimising interruptions to supply, further improvements to drinking water, reduced flooding and visible leakage. Scottish Water’s Business Plan for the 2015-21 period was agreed with Scottish Ministers and the Water Industry Commission for Scotland.

Key strands of our plan for 2015 to 2021 include:

High quality service

We will continue to deliver high service levels so that both household and business customers continue to receive water and waste water services that are among the best in the UK, improving service in all their priority areas.


Customer experience

We will further improve customers’ experience of service so that it is as good as that provided by leading suppliers of other essential products and services.

Delivering value

We will build on our leading levels of employee engagement to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our service delivery to customers.

Household prices

We are committed to charges which increase below the overall level of inflation in the next 6 years.

Wholesale charges

For wholesale customers, we are also planning below CPI price increases in the next 6 years.


We will continue to develop new and innovative approaches to meet customers’ expectations.