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Scottish Water Contractors Verification

Qualifying to work as a contractor to Scottish Water

Scottish Water launched its Health & Safety Charter for Contractors in October 2007. As a major Scottish client, it is committed to promote high standards of Health and Safety management within the contractors it employs.

Scottish Water maintains a list of Approved H&S Contractors who are available for use by our employees.

In order to qualify for the Health & Safety Approved Contractors List, we require that all contractors can demonstrate a robust H&S Management system by achieving CHAS accreditation or an Achilles Verify score of at least 75% or OHSAS18001 certification or SafeContractor accreditation.

There are some instances where accreditation is not required or industry specific accreditations will be acceptable however this is only in the minority of cases and will be confirmed upon receipt of your completed Competency Form.

In order to qualify for the Health & Safety Approved Contractors List, a contractor should:

  1. Receive an invitation to register from a Scottish Water employee or be awarded a contract following a formal procurement process.
  2. Demonstrate competence to carry out specific types of work by completing the Competency Form which will be issued by a procurement representative.
  3. Confirm that they have read and understood:

Any queries should be emailed to:

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to get external accreditation of my H&S management system?

Scottish Water has a legal obligation to ensure that its contractors are competent at managing Health and Safety. Rather than make our contractors undergo a bespoke SW assessment, we support various national assessment schemes, which are accepted by many clients.

What if I decide not to pay for external accreditation?

Scottish Water will favour contractors who can demonstrate that they have a robust H&S management. It is unlikely that you will become a health & safety authorised contractor without and external accreditation.

Does listing as an Approved Contractor guarantee me work?

Most Scottish Water work is awarded through an EU compliant procurement process – advertised in the OJEU or through Achilles UVDB. This process selects Framework Contractors for specific work types.  Listing as an Approved H&S Contractor means that Scottish Water employees can use you for work not covered by one of the procurement frameworks.  There is no guarantee of work, which is why it is advisable to be nominated by a Scottish Water employee who intends to use you.