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Asset Vesting - a guide to the process and standards

Facilitation Process - a guide to the process and standards

On 1st April 2017, Scottish Water are launching significant improvements to the overall process for the vesting of assets. These changes are incorporated throughout a new facilitation process that puts emphasis on ensuring the right steps are followed at the start of the process when a Developer submits an application. 

New applications received after 1st April 2017, which have assets that require to be vested, will be subject to the new process. This has been created as a result of an extensive review of existing processes, consultation with customers and external stakeholders.

Vesting is an important part of the development process. For your awareness, the term ‘vesting’ is defined as:

"The process of transferring ownership of an asset from one party to another, including operation and maintenance of that asset, once construction has been completed. Assets vest in Scottish Water."

We have provided customers with a simple set of procedures to enable assets to vest in Scottish Water. We will be introducing new steps such as reviewing title and servitude site proposals, mandatory site inspections during the construction process for specific assets and issuing clear guidance and style guides. These changes occur throughout the application, construction and vesting stages. 

Please access Facilitation Process – Developer Guide for more information.

The new process will result in customers experiencing a faster and more efficient process when vesting assets.

Vesting Policy

In order to support the launch of the new process, Scottish Water has introduced a vesting policy to clarify Scottish Water’s position on vesting and the steps which all developments need to take. All new facilitations applications must ensure they are compliant with this policy.

Please access Vesting of Developer Constructed Assets Policy for more information.

We no longer require minutes of agreement to be signed and returned by customers under the new policy.

Deed and Servitude Proposal Plan 

As part of an application for new sewers/new water mains to serve housing developments, Scottish Water now ask Developers to submit a Deed and Servitude Proposal Plan as part of the supporting documentation of an application.

Please access Deed and Servitude Proposal Plan – Developer Guide for more information.

Request to Vest Forms

Once your application has reached the stage at which you are ready to make a request to Scottish Water to vest your assets, please access the following application forms, complete them fully as per guidance notes, and submit these to our Development Operations team.

Request to vest your water mains
Request to vest your sewers

These forms have been designed to clearly outline all information required at this point in the process, and we have included guidance throughout to detail the importance of all information.

Note: these forms can be used for all sites approved before and after the improvements of the new Facilitations process, introduced on April the 1st, 2017.

You can also contact our office directly if you are unable to download these forms, and we will send copies to you for completion.

For any further queries please contact us by using the details below.

Our main office operates Monday - Friday within business hours.

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