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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is the mechanisms through which Scottish Water and SEPA maximise opportunites for new developments to be served by public Water and Wastewater infrastructure for sustainable growth across Scotland.

Scottish Water publishes the MoU, which outlines the current status at our Water and Wastewater treatment works across Scotland. 

The below documents provide an indication of our Water and Wastewater treatment works that are currently under review, the online Asset Capacity Search tool is the best place to get the up to date capacity.

The Asset Capacity Tool is currently aimed at domestic customers only, for all other enquiries, please contact the Customer Connections Team either by email or calling them using the below contact details :

Contact phone number: 0800 389 0379

By using the Asset Capacity tool, which displays the current capacity of our Water and Wastewater treatment works which takes account of all new connections, you can identify the capacity for your proposed development. You can then cross reference from the MoU documents below to ascertain more information regarding our treatment works along with a Key to explain the Red, Amber, Green status. Please note that not all sites are displayed only ones >250 population equivalent (pe). 

If you require any clarification on the status of any sites, please e-mail the Investment team using the below email box:

To ensure that you receive the appropriate help relating to your proposed Water and Wastewater services, we advise that you make contact with Scottish Water before applying for planning permission or submitting your formal application. 

To view our joint maintenance agreement for shared surface water assets click here

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MCL 2521 MOU W Development Capacity Sheet 2016

312 KB PDF
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MoU Water Development Capacity Summary Sheet.

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MCL 2524 MOU WW Development Capacity Sheet 2016

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MoU Wastewater Development Capacity Summary Sheet.

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Memorandum of Understanding between Scottish Water and SEPA

370 KB PDF
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Enabling sustainable economic growth in Scotland: Provision of Part 4 Asset Capacity