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Utility Connection Provider

New options available within the new Retail connections market area

Arrangements are established to allow suitably accredited entities, or a Utility Connection Provider (UCP) to undertake new water connections activities and a range of metering activities in Scotland.

The scope of activities that may be carried out by a UCP is set out in The Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) requirements document. This document can be found at

The Water Connections Code for Scotland

For accredited providers who will act as a UCP, a document is available which outlines the primary processes and requirements to undertake new connections work to a public water network. This document is titled The Water Connections Code for Scotland.

Water Connections Code for Scotland (pdf)
Water Connections Code for Scotland Appendices (pdf)
Water Connections Code Appendix 3 - Data Catalogue (pdf)
Meter Code of Practice Appendices (pdf)

These documents provide the framework for UCPs undertaking non-household connection activities in Scotland. It includes all stages of connection activities from the application and planning stage through to notifications, site visits, testing, and the physical connection.

What is a UCP?

This is a Utility Connection Provider. This is a company which meets the requirements for accreditation and which has been assessed as competent in accordance with the WIRS scheme requirements.The WIRS Requirements Document sets out the requirements that must be followed by an accredited UCP wishing to operate in Scotland. It also contains the main references that govern the activities. WIRS is administered by Lloyd's Register on behalf of the WIRS Advisory Panel.

How I obtain interim accreditation as a UCP from Scottish Water?

There is a process in place to allow companies to work in this activity whilst still undergoing the accreditation process with Lloyds Regiser.  To obtain more information you should refer to WIRS and complete the following document:

Water Industry Registration Scheme Interim Authorisation Application (pdf)

Please submit this directly to our Customer Connections department, you can contact us here.

What is WIRS?

Water Industry Registration Scheme. This scheme was established to accredit and regulate Utility Connection Providers. This is a national scheme, and ensures regular audit and management of the activity of accredited companies which meet the standards set out for a UCP.

Non-Household connections - LP engagement of UCP service

Under the arrangements, participating Licensed Providers (LPs), in the case of new connections to non-household premises, may instruct an accredited UCP to undertake the water connection and, where applicable, the installation of the associated revenue meter. 

Under these arrangements, the connection services and relevant metering activities must be undertaken by an appropriately controlled and competent UCP. 


Access more information on the Wholesale Services to Licensed Providers here.

How does this affect Non-Household development customers moving forward?

It is expected that this will provide additional choice for customers to select other providers, who are accredited to set levels, to provide the connection services to the public network, and complete the installation or exchange of new meters.

If I choose to select a UCP, how will the process change?

You should see no immediate difference to the main sections of the process when you apply for a non-household connection through your selected LP. The provision of the quote for the connection element of your site, if a UCP has been engaged, will be provided by the selected UCP company.

If you are happy with that quote, work will continue as normal and the UCP will schedule and complete all necessary testing, and programme of works in conjunction with Scottish Water, and finally completion of the connection to the public network.

To view the current suppliers available as LP's, please go to the dedicated business customer website

Scottish Water Inspections requirements?

Specified inspections through Scottish Water will continue to be a mandatory process and all standards and specifications must be adhered to, with particular focus on elements in relation to Public Health requirements. When required your UCP or LP should prompt these inspections in accordance with current process.

Will Scottish Water still provide the new connection service to the public water network for new non-household water connections?

Yes. Scottish Water will still act as the primary provider of this service, and provide the same standards of service as is currently provided.

Current processes will still apply moving forward, in terms of any new applications via an LP to Scottish Water, from 1st April 2012 onwards. This will relate to the provision of quotes, and completion of this work through our Scottish Water selected partners.

For any further enquiries regarding the process or terms of reference for the scheme, please contact the Customer Connections Department.