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Knowing whether water mains and sewers are ex-adverso (opposite to) the boundary of a property is often not enough.

Problems can arise due to lack of status information which can lead to client upset and lengthy delays.

Future development plans such as the building of a new house extension for example, may be hampered due to them being unaware of major public underground water mains or sewers running through their property grounds.

You will receive all the information you need, both now and for the future, we can tell you whether:
• water mains and sewers are connected to a property, giving your clients valuable insight into their responsibility
• Scottish Water assets of a strategic nature are present within boundaries which may impact on your clients’ future development plans
• water supplied is metered, business or household charged, letting your clients know how they will be billed for future usage
• Scottish Water has ‘rights of access’ to a property for maintenance or repair of any public pipe work running through the property boundary.  

Once we receive your request, we’ll issue you with a Property Search certificate together with full colour plans (if required) all within 24 hours.

With our property search certificate, you can rest assured that we have the most up-to-date and accurate information available.