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Heat from Waste Water

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Did you know that around half the money you spend on your energy bills goes towards providing heating and hot water? That’s a staggering amount. 
With fuel prices continuing to rise, it makes good business sense to look at ways to lower your heating bills, not to mention your carbon footprint.
By partnering with industry expert SHARC Energy Systems, we are helping our customers do just that. We are opening up Scotland’s vast sewer network to extract heat from waste water, helping to lower fuel bills and reduce carbon emissions.
Scotland has around 32,000 miles of sewer networks spanning the length and breadth of the country.  Within these networks flows a steady stream of thermal energy, thanks to the discharge from showers, washing machines and a range of industrial processes.
Normally this heat is wasted as it is flushed down drain.  
By capturing this heat through unique SHARC technology, we can put it to good use to bring a low carbon, low cost heating solution to a range of buildings and developments.


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