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Frequently asked questions


Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about heat from waste water.


Q. Does it smell?

A. No - the system is housed in a purpose built energy centre and the process is fully enclosed, so there’s no risk of a bad smell.


Q. Will I have sewage running through my heating system?

A. No - the system operates using a closed loop system, which transfers heat to the clean water network using a heat exchanger. You will only ever have clean water running through your heating pipes!


Q. Where’s the catch? How come there is no up-front capital cost?

A. Because heat is sold to you over a long-term heat agreement (typically around 20 years) all of the costs are absorbed. This even includes maintenance and servicing for the length of your agreement.


Q. How hot does it get?

A. Generally the system heats the water to 60c, which is more than enough to provide effective heating to your application. If required we can increase this heat using different heat pumps.


Q. How do I know if it’s right for me?

A. Our team are more than happy to offer you a no obligation, free consultation to see if a heat from waste water system is right for you. If we find that it is a viable option, we’ll put together a high level desktop feasibility study, at no cost to you, to find out how suitable a scheme would be and what carbon and costs savings you can expect to see.


Q. What happens after that?

A. If we decide that a heat from waste water system is suitable for your application, we’ll provide a detailed feasibility study to look at the specifics, including hydraulic modelling of the nearby sewer flows, detailed carbon and cost savings and proposed energy centre locations.