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Anaerobic Digestion

SW employee standing next to digger

As environmental and recycling targets become ever more stringent, local authorities and industry are looking for viable alternatives to manage waste and reduce the environmental impact.

To meet these needs, we have installed a state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion facility at our Deerdykes organics recycling site, outside Cumbernauld. This fully enclosed, modern facility enables 30,000 tonnes of food waste to be recycled each year.

What's more, the anaerobic digestion process breaks down food waste to produce biogas. This biogas can then be used to provide:

  • electricity - which will be used to power the works on site, with surplus offered to the national grid or even exported directly to local businesses
  • heat - which may be used in district heating schemes to provide heat to local homes and businesses in and around Cumbernauld.

The process also produces a nutrient rich by-product which can be used as a fertiliser to improve the nutritional content of Scotland's soil resources and will help to replace the use of inorganic fertiliser, the manufacture of which has a significant environmental impact.

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For more information please contact Marcella French on 0141 355 2700.