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Helping you comply

As part of our commitment to maintaining water quality, we proactively carry out Byelaw compliance inspections on a wide range of non-household premises and, where non-compliant installations are found, provide guidance on what corrective measures are necessary.
Whether you're an owner or occupier of a property, or if you install or maintain plumbing systems and water fittings, you have a legal obligation to ensure the requirements of the Water Byelaws are met. In addition, architects, developers, plumbers and builders need to ensure the requirements are met for future owners or occupiers.
When carrying out major extensions or upgrades of plumbing systems on your premises, or if you are introducing new processes or work practices which use water or water using appliances, you have a legal obligation to inform us of the proposed changes.
Notifying us ensures we have an opportunity to help in keeping your systems Byelaw compliant and ensuring no risks to the water supply have been inadvertently created. This link will take you to our on-line Notification Form.
To help you comply with the Water Byelaws, we have produced an information leaflet called Your Water Byelaws Explained. Click here to download the leaflet.
Further information on Water Byelaws can be found here. Also check out our Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ).

If you’d like to talk to someone, please contact your Licensed Provider in the first instance.