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Minimising Pollution

It is important to reduce pollution risks and to minimise the consequences of accidents through adopting good environmental practice.

This includes physical safeguards, good working procedures and equipment and known emergency procedures.

Pollution risk management

Scottish Water carries out site visits to businesses, which enables us to determine issues on the sites that we consider could cause accidental pollution through failure of structures or equipment, human error or via unforeseen events.

Unnecessary risk may be present because of inadequate physical structures (such as unbunded tanks) or through less tangible dangers, such as a lack of procedures or training, or inadequate protection against vandalism.

Liability for damage or pollution caused by any company on or off their premises remains with the company.

Helping you

To assist companies in preventing pollution and accidents we have produced a series of leaflets covering topics such as fuelling stations, vehicle washing and chemical storage. If you would like a copy of one of these leaflets please refer to Trade Effluent Documents at the bottom of the page, or call our Customer Helpline on 0800 077 8778 and ask for a member of the Trade Effluent Quality team.