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Utility Connection Providers and Metering Activities

What's Changing?

Arrangements have been established to allow suitably accredited entities, known as Utility Connection Providers (UCPs), to undertake certain metering activities (and new connections activities) in Scotland. This work was previously only ever carried out by Scottish Water or its contractors. These changes provide greater flexibility and choice for customers.

Under the arrangements, participating Licensed Providers (LPs) may instruct suitably accredited and operating UCPs to undertake certain metering activities. A participating Licensed Provider is one that has signed a Wholesale Services Agreement (WSA) with Scottish Water. A list of such Licensed Providers is available at the Scotland on Tap website. In addition to being accredited, UCPs must also have signed an agreement with Scottish Water before they are able to undertake activities under the scheme. A template version of the agreement between Scottish Water and the Accredited Entity can be found here (pdf).

Lloyd's Register has been engaged to manage accreditation on behalf of Scottish Water and this will be undertaken through the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS). The WIRS Requirements Document sets out how a company obtains and maintains its status as a UCP. The WIRS scheme administrator will continually assess the competence of the UCP as detailed in the scheme. UCPs are expected to be competent in the activity of metering activities being undertaken and to be capable of maintaining this competency over time through appropriate staff training and development programmes. Competency requirements are fully outlined in the WIRS Requirements Document.

Accreditation to the scheme must be obtained by applying for and obtaining accreditation under WIRS.  Details for applying to join the scheme can be found on the Lloyd's Register website at

What metering activities can UCPs undertake?

To participate in providing any element of metering services activity under the scope of the scheme, UCPs will need to comply with the arrangements set out in the WIRS Requirements Document and in this code.

The metering activities UCPs will be able to carry out are follows;-

  • Installation of a revenue meter in association with a new connection to a new non-household  premises
  • Temporary disconnection and subsequent reconnection of a metered non-household premises 
  • Installation of a non-household revenue meter at a previously unmetered supply point 
  • Removal and exchange of a non-household revenue meter for an accuracy test to be undertaken on the removed meter
  • Repair of a faulty non-household revenue meter and removal and exchange of a faulty non-household meter


Do you want to become an accredited UCP?

Details for applying to join the scheme can be found on the Lloyd's Register website at


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