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Data Logging

Business customers can choose to install dataloggers on Scottish Water's meters. A data logger is a device that is connected to water meters to track the amount of water use on a constant basis. This data can be transmitted to locations where it can be recorded and monitored, providing a picture of how and when water is being used at your premises. Access to this information enables potential problems such as leaks to be spotted and dealt with quickly and efficiently. Understanding water use over time helps to identify where water could be used more wisely and efficiently.

The supplier of data logging services will have to be selected from the list of accredited dataloggers. As such, we have introduced a new accreditation scheme for data logging companies. This will allow Accredited Datalogger Installers to install and maintain dataloggers on Scottish Water's meters.

Business customers and Licensed Providers may also apply to become Accredited Datalogger Installers.

Do you want to become accredited?

If you wish to apply to become an accredited datalogger installer please complete and submit the Data Logging Accreditation Application. Call us on 0845 601 8855 if you need the application.

We will update the list of Accredited Datalogger Installers on a monthly basis
The Water Industry Commission for Scotland has produced a customer guide called Getting more for your meter: how data logging could help your business.