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Meter Code of Practice

This Code, along with other documents, supports the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) and is for use by all Utility Connection Provider (UCPs). The WIRS Requirements Document requires UCPs to comply with Scottish Water's more detailed local requirements as set out in its relevant code of practice. The Scottish Water Meter Code of Practice sets out those requirements applying in Scotland.  It outlines the requirements that apply to accredited UCPs who undertake defined Metering activities in relation to non-household premises.

The Code is designed to support the delivery of a consistently high level quality service aligned with Scottish Water's corporate vision of "Always delivering a positive customer experience".

This Code provides the framework for UCPs undertaking non household metering activities and covers all stages of the permitted metering activities in Scotland, from the planning stage through to notifications, physical installations, exchanges and reporting of the completed works to the Licensed Provider.

This Code also gives guidance on Scottish Waters preferred meter location, how to size a meter correctly, provide a data catalogue including specifications and naming conventions, digital photograph specification and the Template of Agreement  between Scottish Water and Accredited Entity

The Code includes with its Appendices Scottish Water's metering guidelines. These set out the principles related to all elements of metering within Scottish Water and which are to be followed when assessing matters including:

  • The meter location
  • Meter Sizing
  • Purchasing Meters

The Code, including its Appendices, along with other related documents are available below.