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Legionella Risk Assessment

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Scottish Water Scientific now offers Legionella Risk Assessment and Legionella Control services to enable you to meet your requirements under Health and Safety at Work legislation and COSHH.

All employers and building owners are now responsible for ensuring a Legionella Risk Assessment is carried out on all buildings which can be accessed by the public or are a place of work. These include hotels, guest houses, campsites, leisure facilities, hairdressing salons, rented accommodation, healthcare facilities and offices. They can carry out the risk assessment themselves if they feel they are competent to do so, or alternatively, they can employ the services of a provider such as Scottish Water to carry out the assessment on their behalf.

For more detailed information on Legionnaires Disease, Legionella Risk Assessment and how it affects you, download our Legionella Factsheet (pdf)

How can Scottish Water help me?

As an approved Legionella Control Association (LCA) member, you can be assured that when choosing Scottish Water Scientific as your service provider, you will be receiving a high quality service carried out in accordance with HSE ACOP L8 from experienced Legionella Risk Assessors.

View our LCA - Certificate of Registration 2019 detailing our services
View the Legionella Control Associations - “Code of Conduct for Service Providers” (pdf).

Our team of assessors and maintenance technicians are located and operate across Scotland. We will provide you with a full report detailing our findings and any recommended remedial actions arising from the assessment.


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