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Utility Connections Providers Accreditation Scheme

Information for Utility Connections Providers (UCPs) accredited under the Water Industry Registration Scheme

Scottish Water has put in place arrangements to allow suitably accredited companies to undertake certain connections and metering activities in Scotland.   This section provides an overview of the arrangements and links to further information.

The Water Industry Registration Scheme

Scottish Water has an agreement with Lloyd's Register, the body which administers the Water Industry Registration Scheme. Under the scheme, accredited companies may undertake certain scopes of work relating to the connection of new premises to Scottish Water's network; and certain metering activities relating to Scottish Water's revenue meters installed at non-household premises.  

The requirements of the Accreditation Scheme can be found in the WIRS Requirements Document.  

Further information on the Water Industry Registration Scheme, how to apply for accreditation under the scheme and the fee structure can be found at the website of Lloyd's Register:

WIRS governance arrangements

The national WIRS scheme is governed by the Water Industry Registration Scheme Advisory Panel, known as WIRSAP.  It has a membership drawn from water companies and UCPs.   There is also a national WIRS Forum which all UCPs may attend.  Information on these meetings is available from the website of Lloyd's Register.

Additionally arrangements will be put in place for a Scottish Advisory Group to oversee the operation of WIRS in Scotland and make recommendations to the WIRS Advisory Panel.  Further information about the meetings of the Scottish Advisory Group will be available from the website of Lloyd's Register.

The market in Scotland - how the market works

The non-household market for water and sewerage services in Scotland is open to retail competition. This means that the occupiers of premises classified as non-household, which includes businesses and public sector bodies, have to appoint a Licensed Provider for both their water and sewerage services.   Scottish Water cannot retail services directly to non-household premises.  In order to apply for a new connection to a new non-household premises, a developer must choose a Licensed Provider who will submit the application to Scottish Water.

Scottish Water continues to serve households directly; that means the developer can submit the application for a new connection directly to Scottish Water.

In all cases, Scottish Water will continue to own the public water supply network and, assuming all process compliance, will take ownership of connections made and revenue meters installed under the relevant scopes in the WIRS scheme.

For activities relating to non-household premises

Under the accreditation arrangements, accredited UCPs must be instructed by a Licensed Provider before they can undertake any work at a site, whether it be undertaking a new connection or a metering activity. Only Licensed Providers who have signed an agreement with Scottish Water may instruct UCPs accordingly. UCP's are also required to sign an agreement with Scottish Water.

The contact details for Licensed Providers are available from - Scotland On Tap.

For further information about the non-household retail market in Scotland please see the following link.

For activities relating to household connections

The UCP can be appointed and instructed to carry out the connection by a developer or the developer's agent.

The scope of work which can be undertaken by UCPs in Scotland

From 1 April 2012, suitably accredited UCPs may undertake certain connections activities and in the case of non-household premises, the installation of the meter at connection.   They may also undertake a temporary disconnection at a non-household metered premises and the subsequent reconnection of a metered premises following temporary disconnection.  New scopes will be added with effect from 1 April 2013.  The exact details of the permitted scopes of work are set out in the WIRS Requirements Document.

Further information on the arrangements in Scotland relating to connections and metering activities, and for information on contacts at Scottish Water, please see:

- Getting Connected
- Metering Services