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Water and Sewerage Supply

As part of its work to ensure that charges are kept as low as possible, Scottish Water checks that households and businesses that benefit from water and / or wastewater services are recorded in our systems.

When Scottish Water identifies a business property that has not been recorded, but that is benefiting from its service, a letter is sent out to the business customer outlining the steps that will be taken to register the property.

In the same way that business customers choose a service provider for the supply of gas, electricity and other utility services, businesses in Scotland can also choose a water and wastewater service provider.  These service providers are known as Licensed Providers and they are responsible for billing customers for the services provided by Scottish Water. 

Any business customer who receives a letter from Scottish Water but believes that its premises are already registered for water and wastewater services should tell their Licensed Provider that they have received a letter from Scottish Water about registering the premises.  Their Licensed Provider will be able to liaise with Scottish Water to clarify whether all services are already correctly registered and, if appropriate, stop the process.

Customers will have 15 business days from receiving a letter from Scottish Water to appoint a Licensed Provider.  The Licensed Provider will then contact Scottish Water to complete the registration process.

Should a Licensed Provider not be appointed within 15 business days of receiving the letter from Scottish Water, business customers will be allocated a Licensed Provider at random.  The appointed Licensed Provider will then contact the business customer to complete the registration process. 

There are a number of Licensed Providers operating in Scotland to choose from and their details can be found at, a website run by the Water Industry Commission for Scotland who regulate the market.  The Scotland on Tap website also provides information on how the water industry’s retail market for businesses customers operates in Scotland and gives business customers advice on how to change Licensed Providers.

In line with the Scottish Minister’s ‘Principles of Charging’, having a meter installed is the fairest way to charge business customers for services provided, most Scottish businesses therefore have a metered supply.  Meters also enable customers to track usage and manage bills.  As part of the registration process, Scottish Water will assess the feasibility of installing a meter to the business property and advise customers accordingly.

Should you require any further information or assistance regarding this process, please contact