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Climate change

We depend on a good quality environment in order to serve our customers. Climate change threatens this environment and we support Government action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thereby minimise the adverse impacts of climate change.

We are a major part of Scotland’s critical national infrastructure. We make a key contribution to serving and supporting Scotland’s communities - protecting public health by providing safe drinking water and preventing environmental pollution by safely treating waste water.

As part of our Vision to become Scotland's most valued and trusted business, one that we can all be proud of, a key pillar of this vision is that Scottish Water acts responsibly - always doing the right thing for Scotland.

Our goal is therefore to deliver a service that is resilient to climate change whilst achieving a low carbon water industry in Scotland. We believe this is the right thing for customers, for the economy and for our environment.

To find out more click here to view our Sustainability Report 2012:

and to find out more about our the future of your water and waste water services, read our Strategic Projections by clicking the link:


It may rain a lot in Scotland but there are limits to how much fresh water can be stored in lochs and reservoirs. A lack of rain, or drought, can lead to a water shortage in as little as three weeks. This is why Scottish Water runs water-saving campaigns all year around and not only during a drought. In early 2010 our water sources were under pressure in parts of Dumfries and Galloway due to a prolonged period of dry weather.  Using water wisely helps preserve our valuable and precious resource.Click here to find out how to use water wisely.

Flooding2 illustrations of flooding

Did you know?

Over 80% of flooding from sewers is caused by inappropriate items being disposed of in toilets and drains. Encouraging customers to properly dispose of waste items will help prevent flooding of other customers’ properties and improve the environment.

Find out more about flooding by viewing the flooding animation, which provides an overview of Scotland’s approach to flood risk management.

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