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Water in our homes

Have you ever thought how lucky you are to be able to turn on a tap and have all the water you need? different images of water use in the home

A hundred years ago most people had no water supply in their homes. Instead they had to carry water from a tap or well on their street. In many countries today, people still need to fetch water from ponds, streams, rivers or wells.

Seventy years ago, most people only had cold water in their homes and all water for washing or washing clothes had to be heated on an open fire or cooker.

Today we use much more water than 70 years ago because:

  1. The quality of Scotland’s drinking water is at an all-time high.
  2. Water is piped directly into our homes.
  3. We wash, shower or take baths more often.
  4. We have lots of hot water.
  5. Washing machines and dishwashers use more water.
  6. Gardens are watered with hoses or sprinklers.
  7. Cars are washed.