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About Our Games

We have three fun water and waste water related games available which have been developed as part of Scottish Water’s Making it Clear programme.

Click on the images to play the games, or navigate to them via the Education tab above.

All our games are also available as apps for mobile devices - use the links next to each of the games below to download them for free and play on the go!

Pipeline Challenge Game


1. Pipeline Challenge

Lay your water supply and sewer pipes to complete your water and waste water networks as fast as you can - but make sure you avoid the obstacles!

This is a really fun, educational and easy to play game where you will be taken on a journey building the water supply and waste water networks as you go to take the water from source to tap and then the waste water back to the natural environment.

Your goal is to build both the water supply network and the waste water supply network - working against the clock, you choose where to install the water supply pipes or sewer pipes to connect the networks, while avoiding the obstacles, such as roads, railways lines etc that need to be built around.

The game is split into 5 levels which become more complex, making you have to think more about where to build your pipeline.

Tip: Watch out for any leaks or blockages that can occur in your pipeline - you will need to replace any damaged pipes before you will be able to complete the level.

Can you complete the pipeline challenge?

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Clean it Up Game 


2. Clean It Up

Take a journey through a waste water treatment works.

This game is really fun, easy to play and educational - your challenge is to clean up the waste water. With the aid of retro computer games, you will discover the different treatment stages at a waste water treatment works, and you will help out at 2 of the key stages of a waste water treatment works.

In the ‘screening’ level, your challenge is to remove anything other than the Three P’s (pee, poo and toilet paper), how much of the rubbish that should not have been flushed down the toilet or poured down the sink can you remove from the waste water?

In the ‘activated sludge’ level, you are a good bug (bacteria) and your aim is to remove the remaining organic matter, leaving the water ready to be returned safely to the environment - but watch out for the bad bugs!

Can you clean up the waste water?

Remember - there are some 
simple things you can do to help to keep the water cycle running smoothly, save your drains and protect the environment. These will help to protect your home, your neighbours and your local environment:

• Recycle or dispose of all cooled fat, oil and grease in the bin*, don’t put it down the sink or drain, and
• put all wipes and other bathroom waste in the bin, not down the toilet.

*Please check with your local Council, oil recycling site or waste contractor for info on how to recycle or dispose of used fat, oil and grease in your local area.

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Pumping Station Game 

3. Pumping Station

Supply clear, fresh tap water to the residents but be careful you also need to watch you don’t use too much energy!

In this fun, addictive game, you control the water supply to all the people living in the block flats, and will get to experience the effort and energy that is required to supply clear, fresh tap water that we all use every day while we are at home. As more people use the water you will need supply the water faster, but all the time you will also need to make sure that you are not using too much energy - it’s all about efficiency. How long can you last?

Remember - there are lots of simple ways you can
use water wisely every day.

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